16 Things I would tell my 16 year-old self (and should probably still listen to now..!)

1. Stop giving a fu*k about what everyone else thinks. Stop trying to impress all and everyone bar yourself, because Ella, ultimately nobody cares about what you’re doing – they’re all far to consumed with life to make judgements over your decisions.

2. Don’t bother plucking your eye brows – soon enough having dark slugs shaping your eyes will be all the rage and you’ll love your bushy beasts.

3. Make a decision and stick with it. Don’t look back. Forget regrets, they aren’t going to get you anywhere

4. Kindness is key but don’t be a door mat. Yes, the world needs more compassion but sometimes having a backbone is absolutely essential and letting people abuse your good will isn’t going to get you anywhere.

5. Work smart, not hard. Ok.. do work hard but don’t make revision/work plans. In fact just stop writing lists.

6. Drink more (aimed more at my 18-21 year old self). And I’m not talking water.. loosen up, have a glass of wine, have a Gin and Tonic and let your hair down, you need it.

7. Invest in memories. Financially and physically.

8. Make more time for friends and family. You’re a happier, smarter, kinder and a more inspirational young woman when surrounded by those you love. Don’t shut them out.

9. Be selfish. Because #YOLO.

10. Stop looking for criticism. In life Ella, people will not always be super ‘happy clappy’ with you 24/7. People will criticise you but often their intention is constructive.

11. Don’t waste your money on spirulina powder or algae. Just don’t.

12. Stop scrolling through Social Media until 1am. Sure taking pictures and posting them on Instagram is a mindful outlet but looking through ‘inspo’ pictures that make you feel rubbish is counterproductive. Unfollow those fu*kers.

13. A ‘thigh gap’, collar bones and hip bones won’t bring you happiness. Period.

14. Read the news. a) it’s interesting b) it will make you smarter and c) you’ll be a more grounded individual who can hold their own in adult conversation.

15. Keep up the Yoga but start Boxing. Punching something is honestly the best thing you could ever do. It’s ok to get angry or frustrated and boxing will give you release. It will make you feel happy and make you feel content just don’t stop these things when you feel rubbish. That is exactly when you need them.

16. If the door closes it wasn’t meant to be yours. Others will open and things will work out.