A week in photo’s and thoughts: a holiday a day.

This week was a good week. Many photo’s were taken, many friends were seen and enough work was completed.


Recently I’ve been making a conscious decision to ensure frequent changes in environment and company. This not only maintains a sense of motivation but enables me to experience a mini holiday within my working week, and even every day.

I have spoken about the concept of rewilding which seeks simplicity and natural homeostasis without manmade intervention. I truly believe taking a step back towards basic will help improve our overall wellbeing, once a ‘wild’ routine is established. However, the need for changes in scenery most certainly has it’s place but unfortunately for most travelling frequently and far simply isn’t an option.

Personally I find there are several different ways to experience a holiday-a-day. As I’ve mentioned already I find changing environments inspiring. I’ve learnt to leave time for wandering and exploring in-between destinations whether it be 2 or 3 minutes or even an hour. I am luckily in London, no one journey needs to be the same and getting from A to B can be an adventure in itself.

Environment aside, although I am a creature of habit there are other ways to incorporate holiday rituals into your weekly or everyday life. Whether it be taking a bath, playing cards by candle light or spritzing that special holiday scent, these are all simple ways to break the day to day monotony we all frequently endure.

Food and holiday comes hand in hand. For me, trying new restaurants and returning to old favourites breaks my usual routine of throw it in the pan dinners. Dining out is not merely for the food but the experience too. The bottle of water on the table, fancy cutlery and well executed dishes that immediately transport your tastebuds to a distant destination provides a moment of escape.

Finally, bringing new items into your day to day environment provides a mini visual or sensual escape. Personally I love plants, succulents or anything leafy, tropical and green. For you a new framed photograph, magazine or book could do the trick, its not the object that matters its the sense of transportation you’re seeking.

I’ve found introducing these mechanisms of escape can help me press refresh and ensure a week well spent being the best version of me and I hope it can do the same for you.